• Les Joueurs – Ils sont parmi nous
    La BD signée Julien Nem : Les Joueurs – Ils sont parmi nous est disponible en financement participatif sur Ulule du 9 au 31 Mai. Les poncifs du monde ludique n’ont qu’à bien se […]
  • Kappa
    En préparation dans la Mangrove, KAPPA un jeu de cartes tactique et gourmand où il sera question de repousser une invasion de kappas bien décidés à mettre la main sur votre réserve de nourriture ! […]

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DIG is a push-your-luck card game mixed with resource management and pixel art. 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up will have to dig in the hill in order to find the precious gems. They will have to make choices, avoid traps and enemies during their 20 to 45 minutes adventure. Each player can hire a maximum of 4 Recruits to dig in the hill, if they manage to acheive a serie of five cards, they find a gem. Loot, find equipment, hire Companion with unique abilities to survive the dangers of the hill.     Game Components: 150

DIG Dragon!

  DIG Dragon! is an expansion for both the first and second edition of DIG. This expansion proposes a new dimension of push-your-luck with the possibility of going to plunder the treasure of the dragon but also a new class of recruit: the specialists as well as new companions and the ability to play up to 5 players.  Game components: 28 Dragon’s Treasure cards 6 Dragon’s Lair Entrace cards 4 Companion cards 4 Specialists 4 Recruits Rulebook


  The universe is so vast and the stars hide so many things that the birth of a new planet often goes unnoticed. But this time you will be able to make the difference, your planet is the most beautiful, the most welcoming of all the galaxy and you intend to prove it well! Attract a maximum of alien life forms on your planet and, by respecting the laws of the gravity , make sure to optimize your living spaces so as to score a maximum of Prestige points. Show everyone that your planet is the most prosperous of all!

Hollywood Death Race

Hollywood Death Race  is a thrilling racing game for two to six players. In a future where all art forms have been banned, Hollywood is now nothing more than a no-man’s land. You and other workless dopplegangers clandestinely indulge in crazy races in a huge film studio, racing through movie set after movie set, in search of glory, useful objects… and Effixium (but mostly Effixium). During your trip, you’ll encounter zombies, dinosaurs and even giant ants… But don’t worry, you’ll always have a missile, a turbo boost or a roll of a die to try and get you out of


      In KAPPA, players each embody a village on either side of the Sarugaishi River, they will have to repel the invasion of kappas and make them set their sights on their opponent by drawing them to the other side of the river. But the kappas are numerous, and each one of them has a particular cute sin! Game material : 84 Cards Rulebook (FR only) Coming summer 2019