Hollywood Death Race  is a thrilling racing game for two to six players.

In a future where all art forms have been banned, Hollywood is now nothing more than a no-man’s land.
You and other workless dopplegangers clandestinely indulge in crazy races in a huge film studio, racing through movie set after movie set, in search of glory, useful objects… and Effixium (but mostly Effixium).

During your trip, you’ll encounter zombies, dinosaurs and even giant ants… But don’t worry, you’ll always have a missile, a turbo boost or a roll of a die to try and get you out of trouble.

Each board has its own mechanics, its own unique challenge. Some will allow you to stuff your pockets full of objects and Effixium, while others will make you want to flee as quickly as possible… Each game will be completely different from the previous one.

So choose your vehicles wisely, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to burn rubber!