DIG: Dragon!
12.00 €

DIG: Dragon!

2-5 players / 20-45′ / ages 8 and up


The Hill has not finished revealing its secrets. Here at the Tavern stories are being told about a treasure guarded by a Dragon. The news quickly circulated in the world of DIG and new Companions as well as a new kind of Recruits, the Specialists, are now ready to rent their service for part of the loot. The adventure awaits you, will you manage to seize the treasures and escape the tempestuous Dragon?

Expansion for DIG

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  • 28 Dragon’s Treasure Cards
  • 6 Dragon’s Lair Entrance Cards
  • 4 Companion Cards
  • 5 Specialists
  • 4 Recruits
  • 1 Rulebook (French, English, German)
DIG: Dragon!
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